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Disney+ Guide (2024): What Parents, Educators, & Students Need to Know

Disney+ is a subscription-based streaming service where users can watch unlimited movies, TV series, and Originals. It offers entertainment from Disney, Pixar, Marvel cinematic universe, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Parents' Ultimate Guide to Snapchat (2024)

Learn the pros and cons of Snapchat and gain tips on how to keep students safe on Snapchat in this Ultimate Guide to Snapchat for parents.

Pros and Cons of Video Games (2024)

Learn the pros and cons of playing all types of video games for your whole family.

BAND App Guide For Parents

The BAND app allows parents and students to communicate with teams and groups about events, team announcements, and more. 

How to Use Screen Time Productively

Discover expert tips to make screen time productive for students. Learn how to balance online activities with offline growth and creativity.

YouTube and Tweens: Tips for Families to Use YouTube Safely

Learn tips for staying focused on YouTube, managing screen time, and limiting inappropriate and mature content for the whole family.

Is TeamSnap Safe? What Parents, Educators & Students Need to Know

TeamSnap is a sports management app designed to help coaches, parents, and players organize and communicate with their teams.

Screen Time Tips for Better Sleep

When it comes to late-night screen time, we try to set healthy limits for ourselves and our families. This guide discusses screen time tips for better sleep.

Fizz App Guide (2024): What Parents Need to Know

The Fizz app (formerly known as Buzz) is a social media platform designed originally for college students but is now being used by high school students as well.

Does Your Teen Have a Burner Phone? | What Parents Need to Know About Secret Cell Phones

Burner phones, or “burners'' are quickly gaining popularity among teens. Teens are using their own money to purchase cell phones (often pre-paid phones) and hide them from their parents.

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Sneaky Ways TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are Pulling Kids in and Making Them Numb

July 23, 2024 4:00 PM

Join this live parent night event and find out what tricks video apps are using to keep your kids watching

Parent Strategies for Your Struggling Teen (Live Event)

July 18, 2024 4:00 PM

This event is for parents of teens who are struggling with negative self-talk, managing emotions, or self isolation to help their teens can build a bright and meaningful future.