We teach the world how to shine online

Our videos and speeches help students, parents and professionals to be smart  (while still having fun!) on social media.

We at SmartSocial.com believe that the internet can be a good thing, but there are a lot of misconceptions about how families should approach it. Our team helps to bring families up to speed on their digital footprint.

The Smart Social Team

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Josh Ochs, Founder and Digital Citizenship Author

Josh Ochs

With a background in marketing at Disney and a love for all things technology, Josh Ochs combines both to help teens and tweens use social media as a portfolio of positive accomplishments. Josh has traveled the nation speaking to over 30,000 students each year sharing with them tips they can use to create a positive online presence. Josh’s book: “Light, Bright and Polite for Teens” teaches students of all ages that everything they post on social media will eventually be discovered by their parents, teachers, their school Principal and someday colleges and employers. He shows families and teenagers practical examples they can use to always keep it “Light, Bright and Polite” by posting photos of community volunteer projects that will help them shine online. Josh Ochs' other 5 books teach people and brands how to shine online. Watch some of his videos at SmartSocial.com/josh-ochs/

Beth Pouska, Content Manager

Beth Pouska headshot

Beth is a mom to two elementary and middle-school students and has a passion for helping other parents learn about the potential opportunities (and dangers) of social media for their families. Beth researches and creates content for the Smart Social blogs, podcasts, newsletters, books, and VIP membership courses. Beth's professional work and masters degrees are in public relations and adult education and she is a veteran of the United States Air Force. She is an associate professor for the University of Arizona Global Campus teaching undergraduate classes in public relations, marketing, and management.

Sally Davis, School Liasion

Sally Davis headshot

As school liaison for Smart Social, Sally works with schools and districts across the country to show them how to use our programs with students and parents. Prior to joining the Smart Social team, Sally worked for two large non-profit foundations and prior to that taught in elementary school for five years.  Sally has two adult daughters and a son-in-law.

Kenzie Fitzpatrick, Marketing Content Manager

Kenzie Fitzpatrick headshot

Kenzie received her Master's Degree in Marketing from Florida State University as well as a certificate in Project Management. Kenzie lives and breaths marketing and social media apps. She grew up using social media and is a guru at learning all of the technology quickly. She ensures our content is digestible, clear, and informative so that parents and educators are equipped with everything they need to keep students safe online. She creates our blog posts, coordinates expert podcast guests, and helps us reach thousands of families each week.

David Kaufmann, Smart Social, Inc. Non Profit Board Member and Industry Advisor

David Kaufmann, Smart Social, Inc. Non Profit Board Member and Industry Advisor

David received his Bachelor of Arts in Elementary 1-8 at Mount Union College and also has obtained his Masters of Science in Exercise Science with a focus in coaching at the University of Akron. Most recently has taken the required classes needed for an endorsement in Technology from Ashland University. David has taught elementary, middle school and high school classes in a variety of subjects over the last 19 years. The last five years he has been teaching 6th-grade digital media and 8th-grade computer programming at Claggett Middle School in Medina, Ohio. David has in the reviewed presentation submissions for ISTE National Convention along with obtaining the Google Certified Educator Level 1 recently. David has spent 23 years coaching youth, club and HS swimming. He resides with his wife and 3 girls in Medina, Ohio.

Scott Paul, Smart Social, Inc. Non Profit Board Member and Industry Advisor

Scott Paul, Smart Social, Inc. Non Profit Board Member and Industry Advisor

Scott Paul is no stranger to helping people to shine online. In 2015 he sold his influencer marketing agency to Maker Studios (a division of the Walt Disney Company) and the largest influencer network in the world at the time. His company helped some of the world's biggest influencers to work with brands and maximize their online footprint.After selling his company he then served as VP of Technology & Product at the Disney Digital Network. He leads a team of people who help Disney to shine online and influence families all over the world. Scott is a proud father of 3 and resides in Utah. He has his BS and MBA in Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah. He advises SmartSocial.com on ways we can reach more families with our digital safety message to protect families like his.

Dan Williams, Industry Advisor

Dan Williams, Industry Advisor

Dan Williams is great at leading teams to build brands on the web. As the past president of both Intelligent Beauty and Dermstore.com, Dan understands how consumers navigate the web (and how to make a brand shine online). As the current Chief Revenue Officer and acting Chief Marketing Officer at 3 Day Blinds, he is tasked with meeting the needs of thousands of families to provide an excellent product (both online and in their home).One of Dan's best skills is leading large teams of professionals to create a positive online image for a brand. He is great at nurturing young professionals by setting a good example and help them grow in their career at the company. Dan has a lot of fun at work and shows his team you can have fun online and offline while still working hard. Dan advises the team at SmartSocial.com how to grow their online image and help families to engage with our content. Dan, his wife and his two children live in Orange County, CA.