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We teach the world how to shine online

Our library of resources, newsletter and partnerships help students, parents and educators to be safe (while still having fun!) on social media.

We at SmartSocial.com believe that the internet can be a good thing, but there are a lot of misconceptions about how families should approach it. Our team helps to bring families up to speed on their digital footprint. Our team is rapidly growing and dedicated to helping as many parents as possible with bite-sized tips that are practical and tactical.

Josh Ochs standing in front of gymnasium of students at speech
Josh Ochs, Founder
Susan Li, Senior Manager of Safety & Research
Andrea Troyer, Content & Research Team
Rachel Lister, Content & Research Team
Daniel Siminskiy, Onboarding Team
Ted Bink, Onboarding Team
Bekah Evans, Content & Research Team
David Kaufmann, Non Profit Board Member & Teacher at Medina City Schools
Ashley Harris, Resource Specialist