Anti-Bullying Program & Student Help Line For School Districts

Is your school/district looking for a social media/anti bullying program that gets ahead of incidents (and provides an easy way for students to report issues?)

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95% of teens now have access to a smartphone (and texting capabilities)

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This platform allows students to alert their school staff of dangers on campus (and online)

2 Way Communication Between Staff & Students For Real Time Help

Students can get real time feedback from school staff about bullying, sad students or possible incidents that are about to occur on campus (or online)

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Anti-Bullying Notifications for Schools

Allows students (and parents) to alert school officials about bullying via email, phone calls or text message

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Suspicious/Dangerous Activity

Students can report unusual online/offline behavior (or unusual social media accounts) for your staff to review

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Anonymous Reporting

Give students the chance to text in their anonymous tip to administrators so they can help their peers stay safe

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Why should schools be concerned about bullying?

National Poll on Children's Heath: bullying and internet safety are top health concerns for parents

"As Soon as Students have a Phone, Bullying is in Their Back Pocket"

Cyberbullying & internet safety are ranked by parents as 2 of the top 5 health concerns they have for their children, according to researchers at Mott Children's Hospital.

We Are Supported By SROs and Educators All Over The Country

Director of innovation and instructional Tech's Testimonial of Josh Ochs' Safety Speech
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Superintendents Support Josh Ochs' Parent and Student Presentations
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Teachers Support SmartSocial Portfolio Class By Josh Ochs
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Middle School Principal and Teacher Testify About Josh's Student Presentation
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Law Enforcement Officer Endorses Josh's Middle School Student Presentation
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Principal and Parent's Review of Josh's Social Media Presentation for Students
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"Our kids were relieved to have someone tell them, 'hey, it's great to use it (social media) and you can brand yourself in a positive way for future college, career and volunteer endeavors.' Rather than 'it's bad, stay away from it, etc...'"
–Mollie McNally, Blue Valley High School, Assistant Principal
Josh was so helpful and I was able to learn so much about how to create a positive digital footprint. His training makes it easier to organize your talents/projects in a way that colleges aren’t able to see in essays.”
–Emmy R., High School Student
"In addition to using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as a portfolio, Josh gave students pointers that helped to keep their information private. Everyone left with a clear road map that they can use for the next few months to make sure they shine online."  –Tracy Rampy, Educator, Southeast Kansas Education
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