Our monthly mentoring program helps students tell their story online to launch them into their dream job/college

This 10-lesson mentorship program walks students through everything that they need to do in order to take charge of their digital footprint. Students will create a strong digital foundation that will put them on the path to their dream job.

Student Branding Academy

This 6-lesson course gives students a purpose online so they can protect their online image (and avoid the bad parts of the internet).

Students will leave with a website that shows their projects, passion and public service so they can start building a positive online image.

Student Branding Academy How good students can fix bad Google results (to get into their dream college/internship)

Part 1: Here's how students discover themselves

Lesson 1.1: Discover Your Strengths

In order to shine online you need to first discover your strengths. We will spend time working to understand and define what you stand for so you can recognize and attract future opportunities.

Google Search results graphic

Lesson 1.2 - Discover your passions!

What are you passionate about? Use social media and brainstorming activities to help you determine what you are most passionate about.

Planning your portfolio

Lesson 1.3: Discover Your Dream Job/Dream Career Path

Learn how to use the things you are passionate about to help design your dream career and determine how to develop the messages you send to future employers.

Online portfolio

Lesson 1.4: Learn from Experts in a Field you Like

Get concrete skills that will allow you to connect with experts in a field you like. We will determine how to find accurate ways to learn about experts you are interested in and evaluate what they are sharing online.

Designing Google results

Lesson 1.5: Discover How Your Strengths, Passions, and Path Fit Together

We will look at key takeaways from each lesson already completed and start to grasp how the personality traits and talents we’ve been discovering can help you achieve your goals.

Launching your website

Part 2: Get Discovered Online

Lesson 2.1: Audit Your Online Brand

Do you know what Google is saying about you? We are going to master how to audit your online brand so you understand what your digital footprint currently looks like. 

Designing Google results

Lesson 2.2: Plan Your Online Brand

We want you to feel confident about what you are posting online. Let’s put you in charge of your own Google results by designing your personal brand. 

Google Search results graphic

Lesson 2.3: Build Your Online Brand/Portfolio

Want to get noticed by large companies like Disney, AT&T, Neutrogena, and more? We’ll start building your online portfolio (live online or in draft form offline) to get your name and accomplishments to the top of the Google results. 

Online portfolio

Lesson 2.4: Building Your Instagram (and Other Accounts)

Jump into building your social media accounts in a way that will help you stand out in a sea of job applicants to large companies like Google, SpaceX, Amazon, and Tesla.  

Launching your website

Lesson 2.5: Maintain Your Online Brand

Your online brand is constantly evolving. We’ve started you on the right path and now are handing you all the tools needed to maintain your online presence so your social media can align with your goals.

Planning your portfolio

Graduates of the Student Branding Academy (SBA) have earned scholarships, landed jobs, and stood out from competition when applying to their dream college

What students and families think of our program

"Our kids were relieved to have someone tell them, 'hey, it's great to use it (social media) and you can brand yourself in a positive way for future college, career and volunteer endeavors.' Rather than 'it's bad, stay away from it, etc...'"
–Mollie McNally, Blue Valley High School, Assistant Principal
Josh was so helpful and I was able to learn so much about how to create a positive digital footprint. His training makes it easier to organize your talents/projects in a way that colleges aren’t able to see in essays.”
–Emmy R., High School Student
"In addition to using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as a portfolio, Josh gave students pointers that helped to keep their information private. Everyone left with a clear road map that they can use for the next few months to make sure they shine online."  –Tracy Rampy, Educator, Southeast Kansas Education
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38% of college admissions officers say what they find online has a positive impact on prospective students (Kaplan).

What Happens When Students Don't Create a Positive Online Brand?

Welcome to the Student Branding Academy!

The immediate end-product of SBA will be an online portfolio unique to you and your future goals. Our long-term goal is that this portfolio will help you get discovered by employers or college admissions to meet your personal goals for the future. 

By participating in this program, you will:

  • Discover your personal strengths using a personality text to start exploring your skills with examples of celebrities and historical leaders who match your results
  • Identify your personal and professional goals and tips to explore the path to get you to those goals
  • Organize and showcase your skills and talents to support your goals for the future
  • Grow to feel comfortable with letting your personality shine online because YOU have created that online presence

What happens when your Google results don't tell the story you want to tell?

Wall Street Journal logoCollege Admissions in a COVID Year: SATs are Out Personal Stories are In (News headline)

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How does the program work?

Once you enroll, you'll get access to the six learning modules. Each learning module guides you through that lesson's coursework with videos, worksheets, and hands-on activities. Throughout the course, Josh will hold live Zoom office hours to answer any questions you have.

How much does it cost?

This program is normally $499 per student.

What if I want to include two students in the program?

Upon checkout you will have the option of enrolling another student for a discounted rate.

How much of a time commitment is the SBA?

Each learning module can be watched in about 30 minutes. After the learning module, your student can work on their online brand/homework for about 30 additional minutes per week. That’s about one-hour per week for six-weeks.

Can my student work through the program solo, or do I need to be there with them?

It’s best if you (the parent) join them so you can work together to help them. However, your student is welcome to login and watch the videos on their own if they are self-motivated enough to stay on task.

Will my student interact with anyone other than the SmartSocial.com Team?

Our platform/modules don’t allow your student to communicate with other members in the program. During office hours, we may feature other students/parents to highlight their questions and online brand.

What is your refund policy?

The short answer is yes! We provide refunds. If for some reason you work through the first 3-modules of SBA and it doesn’t feel like a fit, simply reach out to our team and we’ll give you a full refund.

Here’s how it works: By the end of these 21 days, you’ll have received access to the first three modules of SBA. Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to audit your student’s Google results, plan out their online brand/story and start building their portfolio. If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your student’s online plan they created, simply fill out this form, show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment. We don’t want any tire-kickers here. If you don’t commit to putting in the work, we can’t help you shine online, so be prepared to dedicate time to work through the lessons.

Do I have to pay for my student’s website or are there any additional costs in building their digital footprint?

Most of the websites we build are on a free platform. The only additional cost will be if you choose to buy a .com, .net or .org domain name for your student. These are usually $12/year and are renewed if you want to keep your student’s website short to include on a resume/application.

Do you work with schools to implement this?

Yes! Schools can learn more here and set up a call and partner with us to implement this program in their community.

Who will instruct each course?

Josh Ochs will teach each of the learning modules (and live Zoom sessions). Josh is the author of six books that teach the world how to shine online (and keep their kids safe on social media). Josh has taught over 250,000 students how to shine online as he traveled (and now Zooms!) all over the country speaking to middle school and high school students in over 27 states. Learn more about Josh Ochs here.

How will you go about fixing my student’s Google results?

We start by teaching them how to audit their current Google results, then we help your student to build the story they want to be known for, and then we build a SEO (search engine optimization) rich online portfolio to improve their digital footprint.

Will a portfolio/website leak personal information that a predator could use to contact my student(s)?

Great question! Have you googled your kids and found your home address? All of your info is usually already out there and online. Your cell phone, home address, social media posts, & a doppelganger who got arrested! When you build an online brand for your student, they begin to use their smartphone (and social media) with a purpose instead of a past time. Their portfolio will push down all of the other personally identifiable information. A personal profile guides your kids to show what is safe to put online.

What personal information will you need from my student to build their portfolio?

When building their portfolio, your student should include their name, school, grade and any projects they want to share with their dream college/career. All of this info can be reviewed by you (the parent) before it’s published, so you know what your student might share before it goes live.

What are office hours?

All members can join our LIVE office hours during the week on Zoom and Josh will answer any questions you have. During office hours (30-90 minutes) he will help your student(s) to work through questions they have about their online brand, portfolio, messaging, storytelling, project descriptions, SEO (search engine optimization) and much more.

How much does it cost to bring this program to my school?

Every school has different needs. Fill out our form to request a custom quote.

What if I start this program but I don’t have time to finish the modules in 6 weeks?

Take as much time as you need! It’s best to try and complete the program in the first 6 weeks so you can take advantage of the office hours and live training. However, you will have access to the modules for up to one year from your enrollment date.

Educators: Contact Us To Learn More About This Program
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How Schools Benefit From Our Student Branding Academy

We take a positive approach to social media and create fun, easy to follow video workshops and training guides that engage students in the classroom (and at home). We also offer customized, virtual presentations to teach students to shine online.

Conversation bubbles

Reduce the negative impact of a student's negative social media post hurting your community

Smiling face cartoon

Minimize stress on parents by creating a plan that protects each family at home and at school

Create a positive digital culture on campus that promotes healthy screen time habits

Arrow signs

Establish a roadmap for your students' social media education

Graduation cap

Turn your students into positive examples of students who help others

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Learn how to teach students to use social media for good

Educators: Learn How to Bring This Program to Your School

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