Triller App: Social Video Network Similar to TikTok

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March 9, 2023

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Unlock this lesson to learn what you can do to keep kids safe on Triller

This Triller app guide will help parents learn:

  • Why Triller is so popular with students
  • Why parents should care about Triller
  • Tips to keep student safe while using Triller

In this guide, parents & students will learn:

Learn why parents and students should care about Triller

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This is great info, thanks for giving me some ideas on how to start a dialogue with my teen!


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Josh's presentation about social media was unbelievably fantastic. Our students learned so much about what kids should and shouldn't be doing. The fact that it is such a thoughtful process made it all worthwhile.


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This webinar is a very helpful eye-opener on the apps that are popular with my students.


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Table of Contents

Short-form video apps are very popular with both teens and adults. Triller is a video editing app that is being used as an alternative to TikTok, but many parents wonder if the app is safe for their tweens and teens to use. This SmartSocial app guide will review what Triller is and why students may want to use the app, if there are any potential pitfalls parents should be aware of, and any available privacy settings that should be set within the app.

Educators and parents: Guide your students' reflection and discussion with this student worksheet. (Log in to your Google account and select File-->Make a Copy)

Student & parent training video

(This student-friendly video can be shown in the classroom or at home)

What is Triller?

  • Triller is a short form video platform where users can create, edit, and share videos with others on the site
  • Triller is an alternative to TikTok but uses an AI (artificial intelligence) based tool for editing that automatically applies effects to video clips resulting in a polished finished product
  • Users can create and edit music videos with music from Triller’s library or from their own Apple Music or Spotify libraries

Top concerns of Triller

  • Triller requires users to register with a birthday stating they are 13 years or older, but there is no age verification when registering
  • Users can view the site and watch videos without registering, but must register for free with Triller to like, follow, comment, and send direct messages to other users
  • There are no built-in parental controls and mature content is easy to access as well as exposure to strangers and potential predators
We see ourselves as the adult version of TikTok - Ryan Kavanaugh, Triller co-owner

What can parents do?

  • Download the Triller app and use it for a few days before deciding if it’s appropriate for your student
  • If you do decide to allow your student to use Triller, encourage them to make their Triller profile private
  • Since the Triller app can be addictive in nature with the endless stream of videos, consider setting app time limits through Apple Screen Time or Digital Wellbeing to help limit the overall time spent on the app
  • Discuss with your students the dangers of chatting online with strangers and that other creators they meet online are not always who they say they are
  • Create a Family Media Agreement WITH your student to discuss appropriate use of the Tiller app and other similar apps

Additional information about Triller

  • Teens may find social media challenges on the Triller app and may want to attempt dangerous or illegal stunts and behavior
  • Triller videos can easily be shared across other social media platforms by other users which could potentially have a negative effect on a student's digital reputation

Where is the Triller app available?

Why do teens like the Triller app?

  • Users can record and quickly edit professional-looking music videos in minutes with the app’s auto-editing algorithm
  • Students may see their friends watching or creating Triller videos at school and be curious about what the app offers
  • The app has 100+ filters and videos can be personalized with text, drawings, songs, and emojis
  • Triller’s music library features top trending songs
  • Creators can collaborate with friends in-person or online for group videos
  • Many celebrities and TikTok influencers are now sharing videos on the app such as Justin Bieber and TikTok star, Charli D’Amelio

Privacy/setting recommendations for Triller

How to make your Triller profile private

  • When your account is Private, only people you approve can see your videos on Triller
  • Tap on person icon in the bottom right of the home page
  • Tap “Edit Profile”
  • Scroll down and turn on (red) “Private Account”

Examples of Triller in the news

Chicago Tribune TikTok's pain is Trillers gain.  But will the US based video app's surge last?
We are absolutely positioned to be a replacement for TikTok if they do get banned. Out of everyone in this space, we are the most adaptable ... and grounded one in terms of being TikTok's successor. - Mike Lu, Triller CEO


Many creators may be looking for an alternative to TikTok and enjoy using Triller because it makes video editing easy. But parents and students should be aware of the dangers of exposure to inappropriate content in videos and potential communication with strangers through the app. 

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