Behind the Door Challenge: The TikTok Flashing Trend

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March 1, 2023

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Table of Contents

The ‘Behind the Door’ challenge is extremely prevalent on TikTok at the moment. Also known as the ‘Foopah’ Challenge, this social media challenge allegedly originated from a user of a similar name and initially participants were mostly onlyfans models. Now other creators have discovered that this TikTok challenge is a popular method to gain increased attention.

To participate in this challenge, TikTok users are using partially open doors or mirrors to reveal themselves wearing little to no clothing. This method supposedly avoids being flagged by TikTok for nudity. 

Parent & Educator Video Lesson

(This parent and educator video is best to be shown to adults)

What is the ‘Behind the Door’ Challenge?

  • This social media challenge requires participants to take a video using partially open doors, mirrors, long hair, or reflections in shiny objects to show themselves with little to no clothing (most commonly revealing their bare breasts) and then emerging fully dressed.
  • This method, in theory, avoids triggering TikTok’s algorithm because it does not register as nudity
  • Users are participating in this trend in an effort to increase views on their TikTok account

Why should parents & educators care? 

  • TikTok videos can be downloaded, used in duets or stitches, and screenshots can be taken of them so, even after being deleted, these videos can continue to spread online
  • Students can damage their reputation since these videos can be seen not only by friends and family members but also by college admission officers and future employers
  • These videos may attract the attention of strangers who then may try to contact your student privately or offline

What can parents do about the ‘Behind the Door’ Challenge? 

  • Consider setting a household rule that cell phones and other electronic devices shouldn’t be used in a bedroom or any other place that is not a common area of the home
  • Talk to your students about the dangers these types of challenges present and make sure they understand that once they post something online, it will always be out there, even if they later delete it
  • Follow your student on social media so you are aware of the things they are posting and have regular conversations about what types of videos are appropriate to post 

Key terms/slang about the ‘Behind the Door’ Challenge 

  • TikTok Flashing Challenge
  • Foopah Challenge
  • Foopahh Challenge
  • Closet Challenge

Examples of the ‘Behind the Door’ Challenge in the news 

A Miami Police officer states, “Some of the girls exposing their chests are underage and officers worry about permanent damage. You just click on the corner share and it says download to your device, so, it's very easy to access, and so somebody could have that pretty much for the rest of their lives.  You make a little choice when you're younger and then for the rest of your life that content is out there and you have to live with it out on the web." - CBS News


The ‘Behind the Door’ Challenge is sneaking through TikTok’s algorithm and allowing content that violates TikTok’s terms of service. Users are participating in these videos to increase views or gain attention, however students need to be aware that posting videos like this can have a lasting impact on their online reputation and can impact future opportunities. 

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