Netflix Party: How Students are Watching Netflix Together

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Netflix Party: How Students are Watching Netflix Together

April 16, 2020
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There’s a new kind of movie night for students that doesn’t involve a theater or even a friend’s house. Netflix Party is a free Google Chrome extension that lets friends get together to watch and chat about anything on Netflix - virtually. It’s a fun way for students to socialize from the safety of their homes, but parents should still monitor what students are watching and who they are watching it with.

Why do students like Netflix Party?

CNET headline: Time for Netflix Party with friends again. Here's how to watch shows at the same time. You can play and pause Netflix movies simultaeously with your family and pals remotely with this free browser extension.
You can watch it at the same time as a group of friends and family -- remotely. There's also a side chat bar where you and your friends can discuss what's going on in the movie, much as you would if you were sitting together on the couch. CNET

What is Netflix Party?

Netflix Party room
  • It’s a free Google Chrome extension that allows friends to remotely watch synchronized shows and movies on Netflix
  • Each friend must be logged into a Netflix account to access Netflix Party but the Google Chrome extension does not require a login
  • Each party room has a side group chat bar, which allows instant communication without pausing the video or using a second device to chat

How to have a virtual Netflix party

Netflix Party link
  • The party host logs into Netflix, selects a video, then clicks on the “NP” icon by the address bar to create a party room
  • The host gets a shareable link to send to friends
  •  Hosts can choose to control the video by themselves or let everyone push play, pause, fast forward and rewind
  • When a host sends a friend or family member the link, they automatically see the Netflix video on their screen. They must click the “NP” icon by the address bar in order to see the chat box

Where is Netflix Party available?

Netflix Party in the news

Newsweek headline: How to use 'Netflix party' to binge-watch with your friends even if you can't leave the house
It's a bummer to miss out on movie nights with roommates, friends and family… Netflix Party is a… foolproof way to keep relationships on track, even in the midst of social distancing. Newsweek

Why should parents care?

  • Students can watch anything on Netflix Party that you allow them to access on their Netflix profile
  • Students could also log in to a friend’s (less restrictive) Netflix account if the friend shares their password with your student
  • Anyone with a Netflix Party invite link can copy and distribute it to people your student doesn’t know, which means your student could be chatting with strangers
  • The chat box has a button asking users to contribute money to Netflix Party’s Patreon account

What can parents do?

  • Set boundaries for who your student is allowed to have a Netflix Party with
  • Use the filters on and discuss with your kids what they’re allowed to watch
  • Remind your student to always think before they type something in the chat box to prevent bullying or negative  comments
  • Tell your student not to donate money to the Netflix Party Patreon account without your permission
  • Use parental controls on your computer to prevent children from downloading extensions
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Netflix Party Marketing: Sync Netflix shows in HD
Marketing for Netflix Party

Similar free video sharing extensions


Scener Icon
  • This free Chrome extension is very similar to Netflix Party with watch rooms and a chat box
  • Scener also allows friends to video chat while watching videos together
  • Students can create and save groups of friends on Scener


Watch2gether Icon
  • This Chrome extension allows users to sync-watch videos from any website
  • Users can create a room on, share the link with friends, then search for a video to watch or website to browse together
  • You don’t have to create an account to create a room, but that is an option
  • There is also a chat room feature


Metastream Icon
  • This Chrome extension allows friends to watch videos from websites together, including YouTube
  • Users can also watch Netflix or Hulu together if they have accounts and are logged in
  • Users can create a queue of websites to stream for hours on end
  • There is also a chat room feature


If you already let your student watch Netflix, then Netflix Party won’t add any additional content concerns. Just make sure your student’s Netflix profile is set up the way you want it.

Tell your student they can only watch with people they know and they can’t log into a friend’s Netflix account - or  they could be watching and chatting with strangers about anything in the vast Netflix library.

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