Join 20+ Experts to Learn Social Media Safety, Mental Health, and How Students Can Shine Online at the Smart Social Summit

Parents and Teachers all over the country join this action-packed online summit to better learn online dangers their students will encounter and how to protect them

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Summit Agenda at a Glance

Day One: Keeping Your Students Safe On Social Media

Tuesday, February 18th

Giving Your Kid Their First Phone?

-Guest Landon Ainge, Gabb Wireless

How Predators Contact Kids (And How You Can Keep Your Family Safe)

-Guest Titania Jordan, Bark App

Are Parental Controls And Filters Enough For Kids?

-Guest Chelsea Brown, Digital Mom Talk

The Top 30 Good And Bad Apps Students Use

-Josh Ochs, Founder of

Social Media Tips From A Law Enforcement Officer

-Guest Captain Tim Martin, Huntington Beach Police Department

Why 80% Of Law Enforcement Investigations Have A Digital Footprint

-Guest Sargent Rudy Perez, LA School Police Department

The Top 30 Good And Bad Apps Students Use

-Josh Ochs, Founder of

Day Two: Helping Students Connect With Friends In A Positive Way (Mental Health)

Wednesday, February 19th

Three Short Stories To Keep Younger Kids Safe Online (And Reduce Screen Time)

-Guest Kim Maslin, Author

How A Former Disney Executive Gets People To Put Away Their Phones

-Guest Sara Christine, Design & Strategy Expert

5 Simple Ways To Improve Student Mental Wellness

-Guest Davide Di Giorgio, Author and Confidence Consultant

How To Overcome Bullying On Snapchat

-Guest Maryellen Krammer, Mother of Teen

Screen Time Consequences And Tips To Keep Kids Happy Online

-Guest Dr. Catherine Jackson, Licensed Psychologist and Neurotherapist

Your Kids Love Video Games? Managing Student Video Game Use Successfully

-Guest Dr. Michael Bishop, Tech Addiction Expert

Social Media Detox Tips For Students And Young Professionals

-Guest Brian Helfman, Startup Island

No One Eats Alone, How To Get Students To Hang Out With Invisible Students

-Guest David Flood, Motivational School Speaker

Day Three: Creating A Positive Social Media Plan For Students To Help Them Shine Online

Thursday, February 20th

How Your Student Can Use Instagram To Shine Online

-Josh Ochs, Founder of

Using Student Tech To Solve Problems And Motivate Students

-Guest Kevin Brookhouser, Author and High School Director of Technology

How Kids Can Benefit From Good Posture, Eye Contact, Proper English, & Solid Handshakes

-Guest Valarie Roberts, The Good Manners Club

This Principal Loves, Listens, Leads, And Learns With Students And Staff

-Guest Blain Watson, High School Principal

How I Got Fired On My First Day On The Job (Over Something I Tweeted 8 Years Ago)

-Guest Ben Tracy, Renegade Media Strategies

Why Kids Want Their Parents To Get Off Their Phones

-Guest Ben Halpert, Savvy Cyber Kids

Giving Your Kids Digital Training Wheels

-Guest Adam Ahern with

Save Your Seat For the Smart Social Summit

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This event is hosted by Josh Ochs, Author and National Social Media Speaker

Josh is on a mission to help as many families as possible. So, he's offering this year's Summit all online! With a lineup of great speakers, some with TED Talks, this year's summit is one you don't want to miss. All of this material is presented online, so parents don't have to worry about sitting in traffic, booking travel, or rearranging their whole schedule to attend an event in-person.

Josh Ochs standing in front of students

More About This Event

What: Join 20+ experts to learn digital safety, online mental health, and how your students can shine online
Who: Parents and educators of students 5 years to 18 years old
Why: To keep students safe and to give parents a proactive way to start a dialog with their kids about being smart and safe on social media
When: February 18th-20th (now available on demand at any time)
Where: Online, watch from anywhere on your computer/phone
Price: $25 for the event (or become a member to unlock all of our courses)

Expert Headshot
"I came to this event a little confused about Snapchat and Instagram, but I left feeling more comfortable. Thank you!"
– Jody G.
Expert Headshot
"This was very informative. I feel better prepared to share this plan with parents in our community.
– School Administrator
Save Your Seat For the Smart Social Summit

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What will I learn from this event?

When should my kid get a cell phone?

Moving clock

When should my kid be on social media?

Conversation bubbles

How do colleges search for students?

Instagram logo

How to find out if your child has a second/fake Instagram account

YouTube logo

How can I monitor my students online?

Snapchat logo

How can I make Snapchat safe for my kids?

Tumblr logo

How one adult lost a dream job with just one post on social media


Tips that will motivate your students to be more positive online

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What Will I Learn?

You will get the same techniques Josh Ochs presents to 30,000+ students and parents each year all across the country.

The Smart Social Summit isn’t filled with a bunch of safety tips you’ve heard before. It’s not your average “how to keep kids safe online” advice. This online Summit is for parents and educators who want to limit screen time at home without conflict, monitor their students online without being intrusive, and protect their family online with the resources they already have.

Expert Headshot
"I truly have enjoyed the speakers. Each panelist provided their personal experiences to the topics and made the discussions more relatable."
– Annette C.

Expert Headshot
"I loved the tactical tips I can take back to my school community. Excellent speakers who were very articulate."
– Wilmar P.
Expert Headshot
I really enjoyed the information from the Online Security and Privacy group. This is an area that is practical yet often overlooked in online student trainings.
– Lisa L. PVPUSD Counselor
Expert Headshot
Perfect amount of information + great length for the event (not too long but enough time to learn a lot of great tools & info! I’ll definitely share what I learned with my colleagues and school community.
– Lauren B.
Expert Headshot
I felt a little torn. I wanted to be in both tracks at the same time! This was great for parents.
– Jody G.
Expert Headshot
"This was very informative. I feel better prepared to share this plan with parents in our community.
– School Administrator
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How long do I need to devote to this? My family is really busy…not sure if I can complete this?

The total time investment is about 20 minutes per course. Parents join online from anywhere in the world and can watch each course at their leisure.

How does the summit work?

Watch any of our courses and guest interviews on demand for up to 90 days after your purchase (depending on your ticket price) and learn from 20+ expert sessions across digital safety, mental health, and positive online digital citizenship.

Where is the summit located?

At your home or office using our simple online membership website. Because this is an online summit, there is no physical venue and no travel expenses or traffic.

How long do I have access to the summit content?

Become a member and have unlimited access, or buy a one-time ticket and get 90 day access to all the resources.

I’m not a technical person, is this suitable for me?

Yes. This conference is for beginners and tech-savvy parents alike. The only prerequisite for the summit is a willingness to take action and set aside the time! You do NOT need to have any additional monitoring apps or tools. We will show you how to keep your family safe online with the tools you already have. Bring an open mind and learn how Josh’s tips will help you in the long run.

My child doesn’t have a phone or any social media. Is this summit for me?

Yes - we will teach you how to help your student develop a healthy relationship with screen time (before they get a phone/social media) and prepare for a positive digital footprint in their future. These presentations are perfect for parents of middle school and high school students.

My child never makes any mistakes on social media. Is this summit for me?

Yes - we will teach you how to build upon your child’s positive digital footprint so they can stand out from the competition when applying to their dream college or job. This presentation is helpful for any parent of students ages 8-18 years old.

I’m not sure what apps my children use - is that okay?

You will be given the tools and framework to figure out which networks they’re on, how to monitor their activity, and how to start a dialog that will get them communicating.

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