Attention 9th-12th Grade Students:
Join Our College Exploration Summer Program

Embark on a transformative summer journey through daily Zoom workshops, where students in grades 9-12 can explore careers, majors, and colleges while diving into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. Our program offers a comprehensive and engaging experience to help prepare your student for college, majors and their dream career. All from the comfort of your home.

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5 Days
2 Hour

1-Week College Exploration Summer Program Overview

Monday: Unleash Your Potential

Monday, June 26th, July 10th or July 24th

Uncover Your Unique Strengths With A Skills Test

Begin your journey of self-discovery with personality tests that will reveal your innate strengths. Understanding your core values will empower you to attract future opportunities that align with your passions

Ignite Your Passions

Identify the projects and careers that truly excite you through social media exploration and brainstorming activities. Discover what drives you and sets your soul on fire.

Tuesday: Chart Your Path

Tuesday, June 27th, July 11th or July 25th

Explore Career-Focused College Majors

Learn how your passions can shape your ideal career and inform the messages you share with future colleges and employers. Develop a plan to identify college majors that align with your dream job or career path.

Virtual College Tours & Campus Life Exploration

Using AI tools like ChatGPT, create a list of the best programs and colleges tailored to your interests. Embark on virtual tours using YouTube to experience campus life, local events, weather, and housing options

Scholarship Research & Planning

Discover how to secure scholarships to fund your education by researching success stories and application tips with the help of YouTube and AI tools. Develop a strategy to showcase your passion projects and stand out from the competition

Wednesday: Craft Your College Application/Identity

Wednesday, June 28th, July 12th or July 26th

Design Your College Ready Passion Project

Brainstorm compelling passion project ideas that demonstrate your dedication, skills, and alignment with prospective colleges and majors. Research other passion projects online from successful students and use AI to design a passion project plan. Your passion project will make a powerful statement to admissions officers and future employers

Thursday: Establish Your Online Presence

Thursday, June 29th, July 13th or July 27th

Build Your College Ready Portfolio  & Video Resume

In our College Roadmap program, students will have the opportunity to create a powerful online portfolio and an engaging video resume, essential components for showcasing their skills, experiences, and passions to prospective colleges and employers. We will guide students step-by-step to carefully curate their online portfolio, which will feature their achievements, personal projects, and experiences that align with their chosen career path. Simultaneously, they will work on a video resume, a dynamic visual representation of their skills and potential. This not only sets them apart from their peers but also showcases their personality, communication skills, and readiness for the next phase of their educational journey. By leveraging these powerful tools, students can make a lasting impression on college admission officers and future employers, ensuring they stand out in the competitive world of higher education and the job market.

Friday: Harness the Power of AI Tools to get a competitive advantage

Friday, June 30th, July 14th or July 28th


OpenAI's ChatGPT will be a key component of our curriculum, offering students a chance to interact with a sophisticated language model to generate ideas, brainstorm career paths, and explore college majors.

Google Bard AI Tool

Google's Bard, an AI-powered search engine, will be used to help students to conduct deep and nuanced research into potential colleges, majors, and careers

LinkedIn AI Driven Job Search & College Research

LinkedIn's AI-driven job search and networking tools offer insight into potential internships and careers ‍

Using AI on YouTube for College Research

LinkedIn's AI-driven job search and networking tools offer insight into potential internships and careers

Coursera AI Career Research

Coursera's AI-powered course recommendations are going to help a student align their studies with their career ambitions in this program.

Noodle's AI Career Research Tool

Noodle's AI-enabled college search platform enables students to find colleges that best match their desired experiences, goals, and needs.

BONUS Lessons:

Bonus Lesson: Audit Your Digital Footprint

Master the art of auditing your online brand to understand and control your digital footprint. Learn how to showcase your best self to the world

Bonus Lesson: Optimize Your Social Media Accounts

Learn how to create captivating social media profiles that will set you apart from other applicants when applying to renowned companies like Google, SpaceX, Amazon, and Tesla.

Bonus Lesson: Sustain Your Online Brand

Acquire the tools and strategies needed to maintain and evolve your online presence, ensuring your social media profiles stay aligned with your goals

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Attention all 9-12th graders!

Get a significant advantage as you chart your college future with a clear plan, top college major guidance, scholarship strategies, and passion project development to help you apply to your dream college. Along the way harness the power of AI to brainstorm and navigate your future

Josh Ochs standing in front of students

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‍Family Plan
With Support
(Ideal for families who want to learn together)

Bring your whole family! Parents, you get to learn along with your students so you can support them in their exploration. Get text message support via our app for up to 90 days after the event. Normally $5,000 for a family plan.

Enroll The Whole Family For $995
Enroll One Student
(Save 70%, space is limited)

Perfect for one student in grades 9-12 who want to discover their future college, career and major. Each student joins us live in the program for a whole week and gets full access to the cohort. Normally $1,000 for one student.

Enroll One Student For $299

This event is hosted by Josh Ochs and his Team, Author and National Social Media Speaker

Josh is on a mission to help as many families as possible. So, he's offering this year's event all online! With a lineup of great practical knowledge, this year's summit is one you don't want to miss. All of this material is presented online, so parents don't have to worry about sitting in traffic, booking travel, or rearranging their whole schedule to attend an event in-person.

Josh Ochs standing in front of students

Event Details & Dates

When: Select the best week for your schedule:  
~June 26th to 30th
@ 9am-11am Pacific (Noon-2pm Eastern)
~July 10th to 14th
@ 9am-11am Pacific (Noon-2pm Eastern)
~July 24th to 28th
@ 9am-11am Pacific (Noon-2pm Eastern)
One week program (Monday to Friday) for 2 hours per day via Zoom to help a student plan out their college and career
Who: Students grades 9-12
Why: Helping students plan their best major so they can find the best fit college and then find a scholarship
Where: Online, watch from anywhere on your computer/phone
Price: $299/student (register here)

"I sent my daughter to this event so she could plan out her passion around marketing and real estate. She came away with lots of ideas on colleges, majors and a clear plan on what she wants to do for the future. "
– Jody G.
"I'm in college now. SmartSocial helped me to plan out my career, major and then select a school. This program was helpful to also teach me how to shine online for admissions and internships."
– Christopher B.
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Tools Students Learn In This Program

Why should students attend this program?

Focused Exploration: Students will have the opportunity to discover their unique strengths and passions, vital for choosing the right career path. Without such exploration, they may end up pursuing a path that isn't a good fit, leading to dissatisfaction in college and beyond.

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Career Insight: Our program helps students explore potential careers using advanced AI and online resources. A lack of career exploration could lead to students entering a field they later find unfulfilling.

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College major Selection: We guide students in linking their passions to potential college majors. Without this guidance, they may select a major that doesn't align with their future career goals, causing potential course corrections later on.

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College Compatibility: Through virtual tours and AI tools, students can find colleges that suit their goals and personality. Not thoroughly researching colleges may lead to a poor match, affecting their college experience and success.

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Scholarship Strategies: We provide resources and strategies for securing scholarships, which can significantly reduce the financial burden of college. Without this knowledge, parents might miss out on financial support opportunities, leading to higher costs.

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Personal Branding: Our program will equip students to build and manage their online brand, which is increasingly important for college admissions and job applications. Failing to manage their online presence could negatively impact their professional prospects.

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Passion Projects: We guide students in developing passion projects that showcase their skills and dedication, enhancing their college applications. Without such projects, students may struggle to stand out from other applicants.


Digital Skill Development: By exploring AI tools, students will gain valuable digital skills that are increasingly essential in today's job market. Not developing these skills could put them at a disadvantage in future job competitions.

Social Media Optimization: We teach students how to use social media platforms professionally, a skill crucial for networking and job hunting. Without proper use, social media can harm rather than help their professional image.

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Future Planning: Attending our program sets students on the path to success by enabling informed decisions about their education and career. Lack of planning can lead to confusion, lack of direction, and missed opportunities that could affect their future success.

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Can I buy the "two student" plan and invite a friend from school?

Each student should get their own "one student" plan so they can take part in all of the great resources. They will get a workbook, Zoom access, email followups, and they can take part in the already discounted price. Also each of the students can select the week they want to participate in so they can choose the same week to do the program together.

Can I buy the family plan and invite a friend?

The family plan is designed for one household to bring all of their kids/students and have one (or both) of the parents attend the event to learn along the way.

What are the prerequisites for this program?

High school students grades 9-12. No previous programming skills required. A desire to learn, and an interest in AI is helpful.

How long do I need to devote to this? My family is really busy…not sure if I can complete this?

The total time investment is about 2 hours per day. Students join online from anywhere and can participate from a laptop.

Where is the summit located?

Each day students log in online via Zoom to participate for 2+ hours. They can be at home but must be in a quiet room where they can concentrate and get some work done. There is no physical venue and no travel expenses or traffic.

How long do I have access to the event content?

Students who participate in the whole event can then access the recordings for 30 days after the event as a reference.

What is your refund policy?

We guarantee your student and family will find this program useful or your money back. If your student attends the whole event (each day), participates in all the activities, completes all of the homework, and still isn't satisfied with the results, simply contact SmartSocial within a week of finishing the program, turn in your materials, and we will issue you a full refund.

Is the program recorded for us to watch later?

Yes! You must commit and show up to all of the sessions. If you miss one of the sessions, you may reach out to the SmartSocial team and we will send you a recording of that particular session that you can watch anytime in the next week. If you attend all of the sessions we will send you a replay link so you may reference them for up to 30 days.

Can I watch it with my camera off.

Sorry, you must have your camera on to participate. We do this so we can prep each student for the future when they interview. This is also a safety measure so we know who's viewing each session.

What is the dress code?

Casual dress code is acceptable. Please ensure your laptop is located on a stable desk and your background is appropriate. Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable chair and use headphones if there is background noise.

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