How To Set Up Twitter For A Positive Impact (A Course for Students & Parents)

Learn how setup Twitter to create a positive online image and Shine Online. If students learn how to use Twitter in a positive way–and why it matters–they will impress future colleges/employers.

How To Set Up Twitter For A Positive Impact (A Course for Students & Parents)

August 19, 2021
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Table of Contents

Twitter college prep tutorial (Student video)

What we are covering in this video: 

  • Why Twitter can be positive for your digital footprint
  • How colleges search for students (and what they want to find)
  • How to improve your search results with Twitter
  • Branding in a positive way for your college and career
  • What to post on Twitter (with examples)

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks that promotes thought leadership and can have a positive impact on a student’s digital footprint. So, we created this Twitter set up tutorial for students. When used correctly, Twitter can drastically improve your search results, position you as a thought leader in your desired industry, and improve your chances of getting into your dream school or internship. If students learn how to set up Twitter in a positive way–and why it matters–they’re less likely to use social media in a negative way. In this video, Josh walks students through the exact steps of setting up a positive Twitter profile and how to ensure it gets discovered in their search results.

Why we like Twitter

  • We like Twitter because it comes up on the first page of Google and can help you put your best foot forward to tell your story
  • Twitter can have a positive impact on your digital footprint if it is used for showcasing your accomplishments

How colleges search (and what they want to find)

  • Colleges want to discover students who are positive and full of gratitude
  • Colleges and employers should be able to find you somewhere online. If they find other people, they will be confused
  • Colleges want to see who you are off campus
  • Colleges, internships, and employers are going to want to ask for your social media info, so they can check. It’s better to be upfront and show that you have nothing to hide

The top 7 ways that colleges will search for you online

  1. First Name + Last Name
  2. “First Name + Last Name” (in quotes)
  3. “First + Last” + City
  4. “First + Last” + School
  5. First, Middle, and Last Name
  6. Social Media Usernames
  7. Image Results

How to improve your search results with Twitter

  • Use your real name. Example: Josh Ochs
  • Choose a good username. Example: @JoshOchs
  • Link to your other social profiles/your personal url. Example:

Branding in a positive way for your college or career

  • Write a clear bio
  • Post a good clear photo of you in your profile picture. Use this photo as your profile picture across all of your other social media accounts

What should you post?

  • Tweet information and photos of your volunteer work, school and sports activities, academic rigor, part time job, summer internship, and visits to college campuses
  • Keep your content focused on facts, personal interests, and accomplishments
  • Avoid posting about controversial topics, inappropriate content, and negative behavior
  • Engage with authors and colleges in your area of interest in a meaningful way

Are you ready to Shine Online?

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Comment below to let us know what you think, what you learned, or if you have any other questions the Smart Social team can help you answer!

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