School Resource Officer / Law Enforcement Social Media Training Course

This course walks SROs and Law Enforcement professionals through the top 100+ apps they need to know to keep students safe, and dangers to protect their community.

School Resource Officer / Law Enforcement Social Media Training Course

August 30, 2021
Educator Training

Table of Contents

25+ Dangers SROs and LEOs Need to Know (Video)

What we're covering in this video:

  • Social media safety issues educators are facing
  • How bullying can go wrong - How to help students report issues early
  • The impact social media has on student mental health
  • How to reduce negative social media posts and help a student  build a positive online presence
  • How to protect your school’s online brand in the event something goes wrong

100+ Popular Teen Apps SROs and LEOs Need to Know About (Video)

What we're covering in this video:

  • How to get find what you need at
  • The most popular apps for teens
  • How to recognize the dangers of the apps

How to Talk with Students to Keep Them Safe Online (Video)

What we're covering in this video:

  • A hidden screen time feature inside of iPhones and Androids (and how to activate it)
  • A hidden part of the YouTube app to limit screen time
  • A dangerous Snapchat feature (and how to turn it off)
  • How to brand Instagram in a positive way
  • How TikTok can change a student’s online footprint
  • How to change a student's relationship with Fortnite (and how violent video games can impact them)
  • How someone got fired with one post (and how to not repeat it)
  • How students can Google themselves the way colleges will
  • Why students someday need a portfolio/website

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