Positive Effects of Social Media & Screen Time

Social media can be positive. Learn a three-step plan to create your positive online presence and intentional social media practices.

Positive Effects of Social Media & Screen Time

September 10, 2021
Shine Online Tips, Parent & Student Training

Table of Contents

Positive effects of social media & screen time (Parent & student video)

What we’ll cover in this video:

  • Why should students Shine Online
  • Three steps to achieve the positive effects of social media 
  • How students can use social media with a positive purpose instead of a pastime
  • 15+ examples of how social media can benefit students with real examples from:
  • ~Instagram
  • ~TikTok
  • ~Snapchat
  • ~Facebook
  • ~Twitter

Your turn

  • What makes you feel good after spending time on social media? 
  • Is there someone you follow or a group that shares positive stories that inspire or encourage you?
  • Reply in the comment box below! 

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