Getting Started with Your SmartSocial Membership

Learn how to get started with your SmartSocial VIP membership benefits!

Getting Started with Your SmartSocial Membership

September 29, 2021
Parent & Student Training, Educator Training

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Welcome to your SmartSocial membership!

Our mission at is to teach parents and educators how to navigate social media WITH their students instead of against their students. Our programs keep students safe so they can someday Shine Online! 

Our courses cover the most popular topics parents, educators, and students need to know to stay safe and Shine Online. Course categories include: 

  • Parent & Student Training
  • Educator Training
  • Shine Online Tips
  • Gaming Tips
  • App Navigation Tips

What your membership includes

  • On-demand courses including videos and exclusive member worksheets available at
  • Live events with Josh Ochs and the SmartSocial team to show you the most recent social media dangers and tips and to answer your questions
  • Download copy of the most current version of the Digital Citizenship Techniques book

How to use your membership WITH your students

Many of the SmartSocial courses are designed for parents, educators, AND students. We encourage you to watch the student and parent/student videos WITH your students so everyone has the same understanding of the dangers and tips for each app.

Parent/educator only videos are not intended for student viewing as we reveal some of the "hidden" features of apps students may already know that adults often don't know about.

How to access SmartSocial membership materials on-demand

  1. Login at
  2. Scroll through the list of courses
    OR click on any of the categories to sort by course type
  3. Click on "Take this course>>" to access course materials

Our most popular courses are: 

How to register for live member events

  • View the upcoming live dates in the VIP Live Events page
  • Click the registration link to save your spot and receive your Zoom link and event reminders!
  • Don't forget to add the live event date and time on your family calendar

Comment or ask questions in any lesson

The bottom of every lesson is a comment box. Leave your questions and a member of the SmartSocial team will research and answer your questions there! Or, contact us anytime with additional questions: Contact the SmartSocial team

Is your student ready to Shine Online?

The Student Branding Academy breaks all the steps and tips down into six digestible lessons.  Students will start by learning why it is important to know what their Google search shows and how to search like colleges or employers. 

Josh walks students step-by-step through planning their online identity to building their own online portfolio that is discoverable on Google. Visit for more information!


Comment below to let us know what you think, what you learned, or any questions!

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